Choose Natural, Choose Comfort,
Choose Crampberry.

Our company acknowledges everyone who has periods and we don’t want to neglect their needs just because they don’t fit the trivial stencil of the society.

We, at Crampberry serve everybody with a vagina irrespective of their pronouns that includes Female, Transman and genderqueer Individuals.

Crampberry Organic Sanitary Pads

Crampberry Organic Sanitary Pads are made up of organic cotton that is free from all toxins and chemicals. Cotton provides a soft texture for your skin, which makes your period an irritation free and comfortable experience. Our Cotton Sanitary Pads  doesn’t cause rashes or itching. You will experience a period like never before. 

We know that not all periods are the same, and hence neither should be your period pads box. Introducing three variants that you can choose from.  Select the box according to your flow and take control of your body.

What is gender- neutral?  In the contemporary world of many pronouns, we tend to confuse their fundamental health. Vagina, periods go far beyond females, and everybody has a right over their vital health. Hence, we came up with the idea of Crampberry, a safe space for everyone with a vagina and a menstrual cycle. We aren’t a “Feminine Hygiene Company” we are a “Menstrual Hygiene Company”. We are a premium Sanitary Pad Manufacturer in Delhi.   

12 Pieces of Organic Sanitary Pads in a Box to Make Your Period Safe and Comfortable.
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Period Hygiene 101

Individuals are more prone to bacterial infection during periods due to the change in Vagina’s PH level. Hence, it becomes necessary to take measures that

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