Feeling Alien in my Body

 We are undermining a generation’s happiness by depriving them of national identity, religious identity, and gender identity.

–Dennis Pager

Gender Dysphoria is the feeling of dissimilarity between your physical appearance and your gender identity. It can get worse during one’s periods because it is a constant reminder of a body they do not resonate with. Trans and Genderqueer individuals face this every month as people assume that periods = women. Although many believe that you cannot change your gender, many studies prove that your sex is way more complex. Many, who don’t want to identify themselves as females take testosterone to take control of their bodies. We are glad that scientific development has made access to testosterone easy as no one should be forced to reside in a foreign body.

Although this termed was coined in the ’80s, it’s still relatively unknown. People are unaware about this whole topic and use offensive language due to their naivety. This might be a small and forgettable encounter for people who don’t experience a menstrual cycle, but it can leave a lasting mark on people who do. This can even worsen their dysphoria. Hence, it is crucial that we make efforts to understand gender-inclusive periods. Following are the ways you can understand and support a person with periods.


We all know about periods ( if you don’t, there is no age for learning), and it is fundamentally the same for everyone. The first thing you need to take care about is the language you link with the menstrual cycle. You can choose from the following

  • Person with periods
  • Folks with periods
  • Sapiens with periods

Let me know if anything sticks. This language is necessary for everyone. It makes trans and genderqueer individuals feel included and at the same time, women who don’t experience periods don’t feel less of a woman. It is that simple.


It can be challenging and awkward for them to use the washroom. As they don’t want to use the female restroom, and male restroom is not well equipped for people with periods (dustbins). It is not just inconvenient, but it can be a threatening environment for them. There have been many instances of menacing situations; hence, you can accompany your friend to make them feel safer.

Help when required

Now we know your intentions, you are kind, and you want to help. But not every trans and genderqueer individual needs it. Let them come and ask for help. And if you still want to take the first step, ask them discreetly. It is an excellent thought to talk about periods and normalize it, we are totally in favor of that. But there is always a right them, at that given moment you should only be thinking about helping your friend instead of changing the society.

Shop for them

Dysphoria can be triggered while they had to shop in the feminine section. All the sanitary pads are targeted at females (A girl on the packet or soft features like colour and flowers). Instead, you can either accompany them while they shop and make the whole experience fun or you can offer to shop for them instead. According to me, one should be offering to shop for everyone with periods because they deserve extra care, extra rest, and extra yummy food.

Talking about it

When it comes to most people, they want to rant about how periods suck. But for someone with dysphoria, it can be hard for them to talk to anyone. Hence, it is advisable that you should let them initiate if they feel comfortable. If you want to know anything intriguing, you should google it rather than ask that person. It is a general courtesy.

Using organic Product

Most of the menstrual products have toxic elements that have ramifications attached to it. When someone who anyways feels alienated due to periods get issues due to it, it can trigger their dysphoria. One can avoid it by using organic, safe menstrual products. Introduce these products to them so that they can have a safer period.

Take Small steps

It is high time that workplaces start taking this issue seriously by making substantial changes. One should not discriminate in their employment opportunity due to someone’s gender identity. Workplaces should provide gender-neutral washrooms and start thinking it as a necessity rather than a luxury. If you’re the employee, you must take a stand and demand these things. We all deserve equality.
All the above points are small, easy and don’t take much effort (excluding the last one, but it is still essential). We are humans, and our general tendency is to help and share. We all should be empathetic, make efforts to make the world a better place for others.

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