Is your Sanitary Pad Safe for You?

There are certain things in life we take for granted and dismiss them as a mere inconvenience. One such thing is your period health. “Periods” is the most common taboo, shared across all societies. We avoid talking about it, which leads to not one but many issues. Periods include the usage of menstrual hygiene products and how many of you think about what you’re are using? Unfortunately, not many. Traditionally, people in India used ash, sand, cloth during periods, but not much has changed today. 70% of the Indian population lives in rural areas, and they don’t have access to conventional sanitary pads. The question which arises here is, whether 30% of those who use traditional sanitary pads are safe? No! The sanitary pads that are available in the market are filled with toxins and plastic which you then expose to the vulnerable part of your body, permitting entrance to those harmful chemicals. Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancer in folks with periods, but still, all these destructive practices are still prevailing.

Another thing we are hindering is our comfort and mobility. Majority of people experience rashes, leakage, irritation due to the usage of traditional sanitary pads. They think it is common and tend to move on with it without giving it much thought. Rashes during periods can be the result of a perfumed pads, which is in the contact of your skin for 7 days straight. Scented products are not safe for sensitive skin, which is why many new skincare products are marketing themselves are “fragrance –free”.

Heavy flow during periods that results in leakage can be a sign of an ill-fit sanitary pad. Not all periods are the same, so you shouldn’t use the pad that your chemist hands you. Thicker pads don’t mean that they can soak heavy flow. They do nothing but feels like a diaper.  On the other hand, you should use a large pad (320mm) that covers more area and absorbs heavy flow. Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean that you have to constrain yourself.

Some people have taken initiatives to change this way of being. They want you to reconsider what you choose for your body and your health. Crampberry Organic Sanitary Pads are made up of organic cotton and are free from all harmful toxins and plastic. They are free from perfume, which makes them safe for your sensitive area. Each pad comes in an individual envelope that makes the disposable of the soiled pad hassle-free. They are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment. The reality is that organic sanitary pads are expensive than your usual pads because they are made for organic cotton instead of cheap plastic. They can be a burden on your budget, but you have to decide if anything is more precious than your health.

It has been proven time and again that just because some practices are old doesn’t mean they are right. What you use during periods can decide your future. Money and luxury is nothing if you don’t have your health. So, change the way you look towards your cycle and take control of your body.

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