Love-Hate Relationship with Breasts

Breasts! how much we wished for them when we were little. We used to be in awe when we witnessed women looking graceful and beautiful with their perfect breasts. But soon the inevitable happened, and we were in their shoes and realised that it isn’t as lovely as it seems like. No matter the size, everyone has a tricky relationship with their boobs. Cracking up of nipples, pain, weird science of cup size and questionable strapless bra have annoyed us for the time being. 

But just like an annoying sibling; we have a love-hate relationship with them. We aren’t always looking forward to dealing with them but won’t wish to get rid of them. 

What is your cup size

It is one thing to be wearing a bra and a whole another thing to be wearing one of the right sizes. Girls in India have never really measured their cup size, they were just told by the one uncle/guy in the market’s one lingerie store after staring at their breast, and we might be still wearing the same size ever since. 

The myth of strapless bra 

A strapless bra is like your first smoke, it looks all classy and sensual but is actually not that great, and later, you look at it and wonder what was the hype all about? They are annoying; it is difficult to find the right one and doesn’t do one thing that they are supposed to do “SUPPORT”. They are always falling which ruins the whole experience of wearing a strapless dress/top. 

The perfect set of boobs

Either they are too big or just flat, and you always end up comparing yours with someone else. Girls with bigger boobs always get conscious but also tend to blush when someone compliments them. Girls with flatter boobs wish for bouncier plumps but are grateful enough for not having any back issues. 


It only great in movies, but running with bigger boobs is not so fun in real life. Firstly, one needs to have two sports bras for extra support, and then you have to manage them because of all the staring you are presented with. 

Boob – Gap 

So many clothes have been put back on the rack because of illogical clothing design that couldn’t even manage to cover the boob gap. Sometimes, you wear a shirt and later realise the arrival of the boob gap, which makes you really uncomfortable throughout the day. 

Sleeping on your stomach

We all miss those days when sleeping on the stomach was not as uncomfortable. It is one of the most relaxing position and yet we stand on the ground where we can no longer enjoy it anymore. 

The greatest relief 

Removing your bra is one the best feeling after the end of the day. It truly commences your relaxing time. Some of us really look forward to this time, the minute we put on the bra in the morning. 

Breasts are indeed a struggle, but we need to take care of them. According to the Union Health Ministry, breast cancer ranks as the number one cancer among Indian women, with at least 17,97,900 have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Hence, you need to keep a check. One needs to learn how to check your breast for breast cancer.  

In the end, we all can sigh and say “at least they are better than periods.” 

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