Myths About Periods

Menstruation is older than human existence. This means logically people should be familiar with it and treat it as normal as peeing, being hungry, sleeping. But unfortunately, as we all know that this is not the case. There are various myths around the world that people are blindly following. But, this is not what we are going to talk about. In this article, we are going to discuss some daily misconception that we all have around periods.

 Sex during periods?

It is not dirty, in fact, it is perfectly normal. It just depends whether you want to have it or not and these rules apply even when you’re not on your period.

This point has another misconception that one cannot get pregnant while they are menstruating, which is false. One can get pregnant if proper protection is not used. Protection is also vital because you still can get STD’s. As a matter of fact, protection is more necessary during periods because you’re more vulnerable and have higher chances of getting an STD.

Exercise or rest?

Let’s get one thing straight, periods aren’t a disease. Now that we have this out of our way, you can exercise. You must exercise during periods because it is actually beneficial to reduce your cramps. Getting up and moving your body is always a great idea to lift your mood, especially when you’re menstruating.

Baths during periods?

Taking baths and shower during periods actually, have many benefits contradictory to popular belief. Hot water can relive your cramps and lift your mood while cold water can relax sore muscles. Taking a shower also helps to cleanse the body, and you shouldn’t skip basic hygiene, especially while you’re on your periods.

Syncing Periods with your roommate

Various studies say you sync periods when you live with a female for an ample amount of time. But, recent studies have found out that this is nothing more than a myth. If you have synched periods with your sister, mom, roommate, friend or your loving partner, then this is just a mere coincidence.

Missing periods?

People are very skeptical when they switch to birth controls. They have this notion that having periods is actually healthy for the body. But it is perfectly normal to skip periods according to recent studies. As menstrual blood doesn’t contain any toxins so logically, it is not detoxifying your body. The only function of periods is to help in reproduction. For many people, periods are excruciating, so you must know that you don’t actually have to suffer.

Heavy flows are normal

I have seen many women getting sanitary pads appropriate for heavy flow. But there might be a chance that your heavy flow is a lot more than normal. Even though you can differ what flow is heavy or light, you must seek a doctor’s help and get treated if necessary.

Every female menstruates

Unfortunately, that is not a case. Everybody is different, and many women do not menstruate even though they have a vagina. This condition is called “Amenorrhea” where a woman skips her cycle for 3-6 months or more.

Only females menstruate

In this contemporary age of various genders. There is a section of society who menstruates but do not identify themselves as females, they are Transgender men and Genderqueer individuals. Gender dysphoria is very common among them during menstruation because they feel alien in their bodies. Menstrual Hygiene Companies call themselves “Feminine Hygiene” which further induces Gender Dysphoria. There is a need to have better awareness and more  around this issue so that they can have a harmonious life

Rashes happen because of sanitary pads

You may experience rashes during periods because your skin is aversive towards plastic and toxin infused sanitary pads. Rather than chucking out the whole concept of the sanitary pad, try using an organic sanitary pad. They are made with natural ingredients like cotton, which feels soft on your skin, and you don’t experience rashes. Crampberry is a sanitary pad manufacturer in Delhi and offers organic sanitary pads made with 100% organic cotton that is safe for the body and soft on nature.

Why are there so many misconceptions about periods? It is fundamentally a lack of education. Teachers and parents don’t talk about it because they feel that this is wrong, something to be whispered, which induces the same reaction in the younger generation and the cycle goes on. In today’s day and age, the distance between people has narrowed so much, and everybody has a voice. Talk about periods, educated everyone! Boys, Girls, Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, etc.  Don’t let your younger generation follow these myths and suffer illogically. We can make this world a better and much more comfortable place to reside, only if we start talking, only if we start pointing out things that don’t make sense.

We hope that your next period will be a good one.

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