Why should you switch to Organic Sanitary Pad?

“Rashes, Diaper-like feel, Irritation is part of every period. One shouldn’t overthink it much.” This is a common saying among many. But is it right? Can we do nothing to change our uncomfortable period? Periods – Mostly referred to as chums, feeling down, those days of the month, not feeling well, down, etc. are a slight hint towards various ways that can be used in order to not talk about periods. People are so detached towards this whole concept that they want nothing to do with it. As a consequence, many suffer because they have no knowledge and no one to talk to.

There are a lot of ramifications of using a synthetic sanitary pad. You can experience rashes if your flow is heavy than it might get leaked or feel like a diaper all day long. As it is made of cheap ingredients, the upper layer of the pad gets torn, which can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. When we talk about more severe consequences, it includes cervical cancer, which is quite common among people with periods. If you continue to use sanitary pads that are made with harmful plastic and other toxins, you should prepare yourself to tolerate these results.

Organic pad industry is quite new in India. Slowly, some people are realising that it is time to take control and our health. Organic pads are made up of organic cotton. It is free from all harmful toxins and plastic. These sanitary pads are a little higher on the price chart as compared to the ordinary pads available in the market, the only reason being is quality. The lack of plastic or any other harmful chemicals in organic sanitary pads is the reason why every individual should switch to organic. The cotton in organic sanitary pads ensures soft and comfortable feel on the skin, which leads a healthy and happy period. Imagine that every month for 5 days on average, you’re exposing your vulnerable area to these harmful chemicals.

Organic Sanitary Pad might sound like more of a luxurious affair, but it is actually a fundamental need that one shouldn’t ignore. Take it this way, which is more challenging- adding a little more in your monthly budget or bearing a huge sum of medical bills? So, ignoring your health during periods can have serious consequences, and some are even irreversible and life-threatening. Changing your ordinary pad to an organic pad can do wonders for your health.

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