We are undermining a generation’s happiness by depriving them off national identity, religious identity and gender identity.
-Dennis Pager
Gender Dysphoria is the feeling of dissimilarity between your physical appearance and your gender identity. It can get worse during one's periods because...

Can We Talk About Periods?

“Menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not traumatically induced. Yet in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken of and almost never seen, except privately by women”
-Judy Grahn
Period blood is the only blood that marks a healthy life but still is considered a taboo. The whole world has suffered many years to normalize periods, and it is still...


Combating PMS

Got those moods a swinging, tears a slinging, nothing fits me, when it hits me, ranting, raving, misbehaving, PMS blues.     
-Dolly Parton

 It is prevalent among people with menstrual cycle to experience PMS, which is Premenstrual Syndrome. This is a generalized notion and doesn’t affect...

Why Should You Switch To Organic Sanitary Pads?

“Rashes, Diaper-like feel, Irritation is part of every period. One shouldn’t overthink about it much.” This is a common saying among many. But is it right? Can we do nothing to change our uncomfortable period?
Periods – Mostly referred as chums, feeling down, those days of the month,not feeling well, down, etc. are a slight hint towards various ways that can be used in order to not talk about periods. People are so...

How Did Menstruation Become A Taboo?

We take our menstrual cycle as just one another thing we have to tolerate. Cramps, rashes, backache, headache, irritability, etc. are some common symptoms during those days. Some people suffer more than others, and some do not suffer at all.
 But there is one trait shared among all section of society – ignorance. Conventional and unconventional are two sections of the society. Conventional people adhere to all norms set by the community. They aren't...

Is Your Sanitary Pad Safe For You?

There are certain things in life we take for granted and dismiss them as a mere inconvenience. One such thing is your period health. “Periods” is the most common taboo, shared across all societies.
We avoid talking about it, which leads to not one but many issues. Periods include the usage of menstrual hygiene products and how many of you think about what you’re are using? Unfortunately, not many. Traditionally, people in India used ash, sand, cloth during periods, but not much has changed today. 70% of the population...


Myths About Periods

Menstruation is older than human existence. Which means logically people should be familiar about it and treat it as normal as peeing, being hungry, sleeping. But unfortunately, as we all know that this is not the case.
There are various myths around the world that people are blindly following. But, this is not what we are going to talk about. In this article, we are going to discuss some daily misconceptions that we all...


Menstrual Taboos Around The World

We have all encountered menstrual taboos in India up and close. It is discussed continuously how, even in the 21st century, people are still following illogical rules followed during menstruation that were laid centuries ago. It gets really frustrating when people discriminate and still consider periods as dirty. But it's not just Indians who deal with such ignorance. These taboos are prevailing around the world, and the struggle is the same. Irrespective of how developed countries are, they have their own unique believe that degrades menstruation and menstruating females...